I wanted the headline to read, "Yakima Native Graduates Nine-Month Navy Course."

Click any of the highlighted letters and the link takes you to a press release from Virginia Beach, Virginia, acknowledging Fire Control Man 3rd Class Petty Officer Kjell Christensen (from Yakima) is a NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System Mark 57 Operation and Maintenance graduate.

U.S. Navy - FC3 Kjell Christensen
U.S. Navy - FC3 Kjell Christensen

Christensen is the son of Matt Christensen of Yakima and an A.C. Davis High School graduate.

The NATO Sea Sparrow nine month course trains at the journeyman level to perform preventive and corrective maintenance using ordnance publications, circuit diagrams, and other appropriate documentation."

Loose translation: He gets intel to point the thing exactly where it needs to shoot and blast stuff to smithereens.

Christensen has been in the Navy since October 2017.

A grateful community and nation thanks you. And for all of the fighting men and women of the U.S. Military, and their families, past and present, please keep them in your thoughts and reflections.

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