Okay, I'm coming clean!

This Friday, I totaled the 97 Rock Asphalt Assault Vehicle. Which is a shame, because I love that truck.

Here's what happened... I was on my way to get the vehicle cleaned and shined up. I was convinced I had a green light at the 28th and Lewis intersection. I did not have a green light. I should have double checked. I should have triple checked. I didn't, I just went right through. That's when I met a very large mover truck with my driver's side rear door. I turned a hard right to avoid being hit head on.

I'm owning this one. Yes, the wheel is angled out. I'm just bummed we can't enter it into the Demo Derby at the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo tonight.

I'm really thankful I was able to walk away with some cuts and bruising. A couple of seconds and a couple of feet; it's a different story. I'm very grateful to my Townsquare Media family for their hugs and support. I also want to thank the Pasco Police Department for their professionalism and kindness during a crazy sequence of events.

Pay attention when you're driving. Take me for example. It's easy to slip into auto pilot and forget you're driving a big, dangerous machine. Don't take driving or life for granted!