For those whose level of acceptable macabre goes well beyond even the new normal, now go for a real home decor horror house.

Ambesonne, an online retailer of textiles and home furnishings, is ready to turn your drab space into a murder scene thanks to a line of bloodstain-print housewares.

The products, available for sale on Ambesonne’s website, as well as Walmart and Amazon, include duvet cover sets, shower curtains, tablecloths and placemats -- all with terrifying imagery.

One duvet cover set, priced from $99, shows red blood splatter across a stark white base that’s repeated in the pillowcase design.

“OK Walmart no one asked for this,” wrote one Instagram user with a screenshot of that product for sale on the retail giant’s website.

Another duvet cover set, also priced from $99, displays a bloody handprint with the word “REVENGE” scrawled in blood-dripping letters. Even worse, another set has the word “HELP” displayed in a similarly unsettling, style. That, too, sets you back at least $99.

Gory taste? Golly, you have plenty of options at your disposal.


A blood-splattered shower curtain (must be "Psycho" inspired?) is available for $29.95 on Amazon. Want a throw pillow with the same print to make your guests panic? That’s $17.99. You can complement it all with a blood-stained wall hanging that costs $29.99 on Walmart’s website.

A representative for Ambesonne said these pieces are all part of keeping up with “the future.”

“People want to have images that [are] straight out of a thriller,” says a company rep who didn’t provide their name. “This is a new trend among the people who want to decorate their house on occasion.”

It’s not all macabre. Ambesonne’s Instagram page, advertises throw pillows with banana leaf prints, duvet cover sets with a graphic design of a tree, even a shower curtain with chevron patterns of mixed designs.

More non-bloody designs are available on Walmart and Amazon.

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