• 1

    You Wake Up with 6 Inches of Snow, But It Is Melted by Noon

  • 2

    You Dust The Sides of Furniture, Not Just the Top

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  • 3

    It Rains, Then Snows, and Then Is Sunny in the Same Day

    Bruce Mikells
  • 4

    You Get Passed by Tumbleweeds On the Freeway

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  • 5

    You Have Been to Boat Races

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  • 6

    You Encounter a Car Sized Tumbleweed on the Road

  • 7

    You See the Same Stranger at the Mall, Costco,Winco, and Walmart

    Olga Solovei
  • 8

    You Pick Up Your BBQ Grill in the Neighbors Yard After a Wind Storm

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  • 9

    You Got Confused at a Round About and Ended Up in Oregon

  • 10

    You Had to Use a Boat to Get to Dairy Queen in Richland

    Don Mason
  • 11

    You Have Had a Spudnut

  • 12

    You Miss the Queensgate Exit and Have to Drive to Benton City to Turn Around