Portland isn't a bad drive from the Tri-Cities. In just about three and a half hours you can be enjoying a Voo-Doo Donut or a craft beer on a patio. But sometimes, we just don't want to drive, so a quick flight will get us there. Well, not for long on Alaska Airlines. The popular Northwest-based airline announced that it will be terminating its daily flight from Pasco to Portland! They stated that a combination of low demand as the cause of decision. This announcement comes just months after the flight returned after several months of hiatus.

Don't worry, there are several connections out of Seattle, so we will be able to fly to Portland, it will just take longer. The Pasco to Portland flight will last throughout the summer (until August 25th) then stop indefinitely. So if you want to fly directly to PDX you need to take advantage while you can!

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