Cinco De Mayo is Friday. For those of you that do not speak Spanish, it means May 5. This is the day that people from Mexico celebrate independence from the rough government that is in Mexico. A lot of people have moved to the United States so they could actually be free. I am glad because, some of those people could have died or worse. We sill celebrate the day for those who understand what it means. For those who have now idea, it is all about parting and drinking!

A study was done on what people search for when referencing Cinco De Mayo. The State of Washington's top search was Tequila! HA Why does this not surprise me.

I went to Mexico once and actually ate the worm that was in the bottom of the Masque bottle of Tequila! I cannot remember one single thing for three days. It was crazy!

Anyways, happy Cinco De Mayo and have fun!

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