Each year our skies are lit up in a celebration of freedom for the Tri-City River of Fire Festival. We couldn't do it without the help of 'Barge 33' from Tidewater's Barge Line. Here are a few facts to consider about this specific barge.

This barge, built in 1943, can carry 600 tons! That's 120 average-sized male elephants!

This barge is considered a 'dry cargo' barge like the freights used in carrying finished steel, gravel and many other materials.

These barges are massive. Measuring 202 feet long by 40 feet wide. Plenty of room for just about anything you need including the fireworks it takes to have a spectacle in the sky on the evening of the 4th of July.

Tidewater has been proud to be a longtime supporter and sponsor of the Tri-City River of Fire Festival by providing the river barge for the fireworks display. We are devoted to contributing and sharing in local celebrations and look forward to July’s festivities every year. We enjoy working with the talented organizers of this event to create a safe and memorable experience for everyone.

Tidewater’s Barge Line and Snake River Terminal, located at the Port of Pasco, has been serving the tri-cities for over half a century. Tidewater’s dedication and unwavering focus on service, safety, and environmental stewardship has made it the largest barge transportation and terminal network on the Columbia-Snake River system.

We are honored to serve Washington and Oregon farmers, grain cooperatives, energy providers, wood product manufacturers, US Army Corp of Engineers, and many more. Thank you. Tidewater wishes you a safe and happy July 4th!