I love dogs!! If you're a dog lover it can be really hard to not adopt every rescue dog out there! I know it was hard for me today to not take home Molly! She's a terrier mix who's currently at the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Pasco! Today during work some of us took some time out to walk the pups at the shelter or cuddle with kitties! There are so many amazing pets ready to go, and miss Molly was one of them. If I didn't have such a small place, I would have taken her home. She's SUPER sweet, good with other dogs from what I can tell, and not a big barker. For real, as I'm writing this I can't believe I didn't just scoop her up.

But if you have a good home and you're looking for a sweet dog who loves walks, to cuddle, and responds to her name, GO GET MOLLY! Also, invite me over to visit when you take her home. Check out the pics below. And hey, if maybe you're looking for a a different dog or cat to add to your family, go down to the shelter and get your new bestie!

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