We can't tell you how much sleep we have lost contemplating something that everyone thinks about but rarely talks about.

Pain Face vs. Climax Face.

Courtesy - studyfindsor
Courtesy - studyfindsor

It is so awesome some scientists could use their precious time to clear this up. The face you make when you're in pain is NOT the same as the face you make when you are attaining the ultimate moment of ecstasy and/or erotic pleasure.

The difference?

The ol' pain face involves a lower brow, raised cheeks, a wrinkled nose, and your lips stretching out.

Your climax face has tighter brows, closed eyes, and either a dropped jaw or a slight smile.

It has become common for people to equate the faces of people experiencing orgasm with those experiencing serious pain—researchers say that is likely due to Hollywood interpretations of both. In this new effort, the researchers contradict such suggestions with evidence to the contrary.

Now you know.

You're welcome.

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