Ok, I'm a cookie fan. I don't think there's a cookie that I wouldn't eat and when I heard Richland was getting a new cookie shop, my taste buds started drooling.

The new Richland cookie store isn't open yet but it will be soon and I couldn't resist getting a sneak peek into what the store offerings will be.

The new store will be called Crumbl Cookie and it's going to be in the Queensgate area.

I visited the website for Crumble Cookie and I love their cookie concept.

They rotate four specialty cookies a week while having access to over 120+ varieties of cookies.

They also have two cookies at all times on the menu, chocolate chips and a chilled sugar cookie that I'm sure goes great with milk.

Crumbl Cookie offers some tasty descriptions of this week's cookies as an example on their corporate website:

A warm lemon poppy seed sugar cookie with lemon citron filling topped with a lemon almond glaze.

A warm carrot cake cookie topped with rich cream cheese frosting.

A warm peanut butter cookie with milk chocolate chips.

A warm chocolate cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips topped with chocolate fudge frosting.

A big ole glass of milk to wash it down with is also provided at Crumbl Cookie and Crumbl Cookie will provide several varieties for you to enjoy with your cookies.

Crumbl Cookie will be located right next to Sally's Beauty Supplies in the Queensgate area and should be opening up soon. You can check out more details about Crumbl Cookie here and on their corporate website here.

I can't wait to try this place when it opens.

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