Snap! Crackle! Pop! We've got the most awesome opening in the Tri-Cities yet that's got people going ga-ga for cereal! It's Spoon! Tri-Cities first-ever cereal bar going in at the Richland Uptown Mall.

As a kid, my favorite cereals were Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms and now I'll be able to enjoy those and a hundred more varieties of cereals when Richland's newest establishment opens up!

credit: Spoon! Facebook
credit: Spoon! Facebook

Can you imagine a place where you get over 100 varieties of cereals that you can mix and match? can you imagine a place with cereal milk soft serve? can you imagine a place with over 10 different milk and non-milk possibilities?

It's happening at the Richland Uptown Mall with the new Spoon! Cereal Bar!

Spoon! is the brainchild of Steve Lee and Christian Diamond and hopefully Spoon! will be open in the next 45 days.

One of the goals of the twosome is to make it run 24/7 so as to take advantage of the early morning crowd and late-night bar hoppers looking for a fun food fix.

Imagine a place where you can mix and match your cereals into any crazy combination and bowls will start as low as $3.

I'm sure lots of buzz will be around their grand opening and you can check out more details on the opening here. You can also check out Spoon! on their Facebook page as well.

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