Hi. My name is Raleigh. And I love to Binge...  HI RALEIGH!! Don't even lie, you love a good Saturday completely wasted on watching 7 episodes of your latest show addiction. And hey, you're not alone. However, our little addiction is about to cost us more money! Netflix announced that it was raising prices as of Oct. 19th. The lowest-tier plan is staying the same; $7.99 per month. But the standard plan (HD and two simultaneous streams) will increase to $9.99 a month from $10.99, and the highest-tier plan (4K video resolution and four simultaneous streams) will increase from $11.99 a month to $13.99.

Netflix may see some people dropping their subscriptions, but let's get real, most of us will probably stick around. Netflix will be emailing customers to let them know when the price changes will go into effect for them. So if you don't want to pay more, make sure you cancel or change your plan soon. Otherwise, stream on, my friends!

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