Zakk Wylde was roasted last night (Jan. 20) at the first-ever Guitar World Roast and guess what? He survived, if a little singed. But was there ever any doubt that the guitarist would take it like a man? He was subjected to barbs and punishment for two hours in Anaheim, Calif., as a variety of musicians, metalheads and comedians took shots at him. He may have been burnt to a crisp, but he still managed to hurl his own jokes at those who roasted him.

Roastmaster Sharon Osbourne – and arguably Zakk’s former boss, since he was Ozzy‘s main axe for years- kicked off the festivities with a poignant declaration: “This is a celebrity roast but who forgot to put the word ‘celebrity’ in quotes?” From that moment, it was on like Donkey Kong for Wylde, as his feelings were not spared by the likes of Scott Ian, Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho and more.

Some of the choice insults hurled last night are as follows:

Ian said, “Zakk’s guitar playing is way less diatonic and way more gin and tonic.” Guitarist Gus G., who replaced Wylde as Ozzy’s guitarist, submitted a video taunt, saying, “Zakk, I grew up learning all of your riffs and solos. Then I learned how to play real music.” Ouch!

Wylde got in on the fun and took a shot at Sharon Osbourne, saying, “There’s a lot of faces up here, and Sharon’s is probably the newest. I’m kidding, Mom. You don’t look a day over artificial.” He also slammed Ian, saying, “Scott’s been playing lots of poker lately, and like Anthrax, they can both barely pull a full house.” Perhaps Zakk can hang up his axe and pursue a career as a stand-up comic. He certainly knows how to throw a verbal jab.

Wylde also ripped Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor, saying he was “in a Tenacious D cover band called Pugnacious P. Now he’s in a Nickelback cover band called Stone Sour.”