If you want to shred like Zakk Wylde, well, keep practicing! However, if you want to look like Zakk Wylde while you play guitar, now you can. Gibson recently revealed their Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Vertigo.

In anticipation of the new guitar, Wylde talked to Guitar World about the origin of the design. “When I first got to LA, I had that cream Les Paul, which is an amazing-sounding fiddle,” Wylde said. “So I had the blond hair and the cream Les Paul — and it was gonna look like a Randy Rhoads tribute band when I get up there with Ozzy.” Choosing to stay away from that idea, Wylde wanted to get something painted on his cream Les Paul. “So I wanted to get something painted on it. Eddie Van Halen had the stripes and Randy had the polka dots,” he explained.

So how did he end up with his signature bullseye? Well, it wasn’t necessarily by design. “I saw the poster from ‘Vertigo,’ the Alfred Hitchcock movie, and thought that would be f—ing awesome,” recounts Wylde. “So I explained it to my buddy Max, who ended up doing Slash’s guitar, but when I went down there for the photo shoot, I opened up the case and saw the Bullseye logo.” Not exactly what Wylde had in mind, he continued the story. “I said, ‘Dude, what the f—?’ I had drawn it on a piece of paper and everything, but it was too late anyway. So we did the photo shoot, and the rest is history.”

History indeed, and now fans can be part of that history by picking up their own Zakk Wylde signature six-string. Find out more about the new signature guitar here.

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