Did you know Soundgarden is technically an 80s band? Did you know you can win a trip to Austin, Texas, to see Soundgarden play with Nine Inch Nails? Enter now, then read 10 more crazy facts about Soundgarden:

Before forming Soundgarden, Hiro YamamotoChris Cornell and Kim Thayil were in a cover band called The Shemps in Seattle.

The band took its name from a sculpture in Magnuson Park in Seattle.

Many of the band's original fans felt Soundgarden "sold out" when it became more "metal" and less "punk" and toured with Guns N' Roses.

Lead singer Chris Cornell, who turns 50 this July, is really named Chris Boyle.

Lead guitarist Kim Thayil's parents come from the Kerala province in southern India.

Kim Thayil met Chris Cornell when they were roommates in Seattle. Thayil was studying philosophy at the University of Washington.

Founding member Hiro Yamamoto earned a Master's Degree in Physical Chemistry at Western Washington University.

Bassist Ben Shepherd worked in manual labor after high school and entered the grunge scene when he worked as a roadie for Nirvana.

The producer for the band's hit album "Superunknown," Michael Beinhorn, played keyboards for a Herbie Hancock album.

Chris Cornell said he named "Superunknown" after a mistake he made. He noticed a video titled, "Superunknown" and thought, "Wow, that's a cool title." He was disappointed to find out he misread it and it was really "Superclown."

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