I love going on road trips so much. Stopping and seeing everything and listening to whatever kind of music I want makes trips like that more enjoyable. My daughter is the best road-tripper because she is funny and likes to hang out like I do. Her and I talked about what famous people we would like to take a road trip with and by the end of the conversation it ended up being who we wouldn't want to go on any trip with ever.

Here is my top ten people I would never want to hang out with that long and the reasons why.

#1.  Jack White from 'The White Stripes'

I cannot even imagine going on any kind of trip with this guy. He is a decent musician but I am sure the conversation will be all about him. I some point in the conversation he will probably bring up how amazing he is at guitar and that he beat out Eddie Van Halen for some time as one of the best guitar players in the business. If this happens I would kick him out of my car immediately and to avoid his utter demise and me go to jail, he will not be road tripping with me ever. Here he is with Conan and if you cannot notice he is high as hell!

#2.  Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue and Sixx A.M.

Nikki Sixx is one of the best dressed rockers in the business. He is an amazing bass player and is a bout the only that is going anywhere in 2015. But, have you ever heard Nikki Sixx actually talk? OMG! He sounds like he took a hit of helium and then some weed to even it out. Annoying but hot.  This video is really good but his voice is....ugh. He should find someone else to talk.

#3  Sebastian Bach from Skid Row

Same as Jack white. All about himself and the only really good conversation we might have is that fact that in his freezer he still has some of Gene Simmons blood from a KISS concerts back in the day. Besides that, it would be about his endless rehab sessions that he has attended and the woman that he no longer gets to have. My first suggestion for him would be to stop writing negative about your groupies. Because of it, you no longer have those groupies. Idiot! However, this interview with him and MTV back in the day really isn't so bad. He is kind of funny. HA

#4  Taylor Swift

All I can hear come out of her mouth is 'Blah Blah Blah I am a dirty tramp'!

Here is an interview of her with Barbara Walters and about 1:30 into video you will see what I mean.

#5  Peter Frampton

I think his 'cooker cutter' attitude from back when he was making music was annoying. I also do like any of his songs. Here is his MTV interview and how he is extremely 'cookie cutter'. for that time. Blah. [I did see him most recently and I actually liked him now better than then.]

#6  Anyone from Weezer

I interviewed and announced Weezer at a concert they did some time ago in Billings Montana. They all might as well have been Jack White. All about themselves.My daughter was so excited to meet these guys. She loved their song 'Buddy Holly'. They didn't even shack her hand. It was not fun to talk to them and their music is not my favorite. At the end of the concert, they dropped the mic and walked off. All of Montana tried to encore them but they got in their bus and left. A$$Holes.

#7  Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne's daughter

I am sure the whole time she would be talking about her family and her dad Ozzy and I would be thinking that I would rather them be there than her so I would have to kick her out.

#8  Steve Perry from Journey

First of all, my favorite Journey is without Steve Perry. Before and after. I heard a radio interview with him, which I cannot find the audio on, that he stated Journey will never be Journey without him. What the heck? Anyone that plays with Neal Schon can make it Journey. Also, I had a roommate at collage and she was so in love with him. Drove me crazy. She had Steve Perry photo's all over the place.

#9  Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit

Completely annoying and Limp Bizkit sucks.

#10  Aaron Lewis from Staind

Every time I hear 'Outside' by Staind I want to punch Aaron Lewis in the face to give him something to cry about. HA

There is my list and I do like some of the stuff they all do, it is more that I don't. Boom!

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