If you are sick of living in the "city life" and the heat wave and just want (or need) to get away for the weekend, step out and refresh your energy with an overnight stay at an Airbnb.

You could be staying in Othello, about an hour and a half drive away, and relax at this Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge rental from Airbnb. I was checking around for myself for a quick getaway and discovered there's a private place available this weekend. Might seem pricey to many of us, but when you compare it to the peace of mind you'd get staying in this place, it might just be the self-care routine you need for the weekend! Some other lodges in the area you might look into are: Cedarbrook Lodge near SeaTac, a Leavenworth cabin, or head over to the Alderbrook Resort (my personal fave).

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For the price of your Airbnb, you'll get space that includes 5 rooms! The rental also boasts a sauna and a hot tub--they had me at hot tub. You can shoot some pool with your friends, play shuffleboard or chillax in the bar. Need to do a little laundry? There's a washer and dryer on site.

The names of the five rooms you'll receive with this rental have some fun names like, "Small Mouth", "Large Mouth", "Mule Deer", "Upland", and "Honker."

So just in case you and a few friends can fit into 5 beds (that's 2 people per bed, don't get crazy), then check out this rental from Airbnb. Up to 14 guests are allowed.

I would have already snagged this rental myself but it's $2,000 a night. I don't have that kind of dough, ha!

Check out the gallery of the rooms below.

Eagle Lakes Lounge Airbnb for $2,000 a Night

In case you feel like traveling to see a Ghost Town: check these places out!

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