You only die once, they say (unless you get brought back as a zombie, and then you get one more shot at it), so it’s kind of important that you make your last moments on Earth enjoyable. In this article, we’ll bring you ten dudes who shuffled off this mortal coil enjoying their favorite activities.

Riding A Segway

Do you remember when Segways were going to change the world? Now they’re just an excuse for cops to get fatter and lazier. James “Jimi” Heselden believed in the power of the two-wheeled personal transportation system so much that he bought the company in 2010. Later that year, he rode his personal Segway off a cliff near his country estate.

Rocking Out

The metal world shed a manly, aggressive tear in 2004 when Dimebag Darrell, the former guitarist of Pantera, was shot on stage in Ohio. Darrell was playing with his new band Damageplan when a paranoid schizophrenic popped him in the head with three bullets from a 9mm Beretta. After the assailant was himself killed by a shotgun blast to the face from a cop, enraged metalheads began kicking and spitting on his body. Now that’s hardcore.

Playing Golf

It’s so easy to get pissed off on the golf course. One bad swing and your balls can be in a place worse than Lindsay Lohan’s mouth. In 1994, young Jeremy Brenno was playing a round with friends in Gloversville, New York. He missed a shot and got hella mad, swinging his three wood at a nearby bench. Unfortunately, the shaft broke, rebounded right into his chest and pierced his heart, killing him instantly. There’s no playing through that.

Getting Head

There are few extracurricular activities that a dude enjoys more than getting his member tended to orally, so it’s not surprising that it’s pushed people over the brink. The Victorian term for orgasm was “the little death,” after all. Felix Faure was President of France from 1895 until his death in 1899. From all reports, he was a just Chief Executive, but he also liked a little of the strange, and he suffered a stroke while getting a beej from his 30 year old secretary.

NASCAR Driving

One of the most legendary race drivers of all time, Dale Earnhart earned the nickname “The Intimidator” for his aggressive style behind the wheel. Literally nobody could choose a better way for Dale to leave this world than at maximum speed, so when he crashed in the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 and suffered a skull fracture that killed him instantly, he just peeled off right into Heaven.

Playing Basketball

Many athletes die doing what they love – hell, football’s probably indirectly responsible for dozens of brain hemorrhages – but one basketball player took it to the next level. “Pistol” Pete Maravich was considered one of the greatest offensive talents to ever play the game, and after knee injuries forced him to retire he set off on a journey of self-discovery. While playing a pickup 3 on 3 game in a gym in Pasadena, Maravich suffered a heart attack and died instantly. His last words were “I feel great.” An autopsy revealed that he had been born without a left coronary artery and his right one had been picking up the slack the whole time.