The ‘Top Chef’ finale on Bravo got us thinking about lady chef’s. The reality cooking competition is usually a sausage party and we’re not talking about the dishes that are served up but the contestants. It’s mostly men competing in the cooking wars, with only one woman (Stephanie Izzard) actually taking the crown and earning the title of ‘Top Chef.’ So clearly, a woman’s place is not always in the kitchen.

However, ‘Top Chef’ has enjoyed its share of blazing hot women in the cast throughout the course of the show. We’ve rounded up the top 10 hottest Top Chefs of the female persuasion, with an honorable mention being awarded to host Padma Lakshmi, who is a MILF and the hottest of them all, bringing heat to the kitchen before a burner is ever turned on.

Here’s our list of the 10 hottest chefs to step foot in the ‘Top Chef’ kitchen (in no particular order.)

Jennifer Carroll (Season 6)

This Philly-resident was the perfect specimen. Could she cook? Yes? Was she cute? Definitely? Did she have a hilarious attitude? Oh yes. Dream girl. Not to mention she dates/doesn’t date a cheese steak king.

Candice Kumai (Season 1)

Just out of culinary school and unable to cook to save her life, this neophyte chef sure was eye candy. Sugary sweet, indeed.

Antonia Lofaso (Season 4)

This Italian sexpot and cougar made us want to ‘Mangia.’ Whatever she had simmering on the stove. Speaking of simmering, she always looked hot, even when disheveled during the Quick Fires.

Jamie Lauren (Season 5)

Blonde, tattooed and always sporting shiny lips during her on-camera interviews, Jamie’s natural beauty and ability to serve up unique dishes had us hooked. Too bad she’s not interested in dudes, as she is an out lesbian. That probably just makes her even hotter.

Casey Thompson (Season 3)

Often regarded as the hottest female Top Chef contestant ever, Casey actually could cook. She was a favorite to win during her season. Hot and knows her way around a kitchen? We know, marriage material right there. Too bad we aren’t marriage material.

Amanda Baumgarten (Season 7)

This brunette is a gifted butcher. While you might not want to get too close when she’s pissed and wielding a knife, the fact that she handles meat like no one’s business makes her that much hotter.

Sara Nguyen (Season 3)

Fine dining was her forte, but this Asian spit fire is as fine as it gets.

Jennifer Zavala (Season 6)

A tattooed hot tamale, she brought spice to the sixth season of the show.

Marisa Churchill (Season 2)

The Nor Cal pastry chef struggled with savory dishes but she was easy on the eyes, often posing in short chef’s jackets while showing off miles of legs.

Elia Aboumrad (Season 2)

She battled with Tom Colicchio after an early All-Stars exit and shaved her head the first time on the show. She shaved her head and still looked hot. Think about that.