Pick up lines that women actually like from "The Frisky."

  • I want to know what your hair looks like in the morning.

    Keep saying crap like that and you probably will.

  • I love the way you smell

    This one will make her purr like a kitten

  • I love the way your skin feels

    Those are bedding words

  • You look pretty when you wake up in the morning

    More motivation to spend the night often

  • I thought about you all day at work

    This will definitely get her attention

  • I want to show you off

    Um Yes!

  • I love your soulful eyes

    Much more original than just saying you have pretty eyes

  • You have star quality

    Every girl wants to be a star

  • I don't want to share you

    My husband used this one on me and it worked!

  • I love the sound of your voice

    My personal favorite for obvious reasons!

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