Here are 10 words of pointless advice that no one wants to here, but will be told anyways. 

  • 1

    Life Isn't Fair

    The parents favorite saying for the whining child that can't get a candy bar. But really is life always unfair? There are plenty of people out there who has a pretty "fair" life.

  • 2

    Everything Happens for a Reason

    Are you saying aunt Suzie died for a reason? The answer is yes, she died form long cancer Aunt Suzie was addicted to smoking. Everything in life may have a reason for happening, but nobody wants to hear that.

  • 3

    Do What You Love

    I don't know about you, but I love to do nothing and I'm pretty sure I can't make a living from doing nothing. Besides if you did what you love all the time you would start to hate it, and it wouldn't be as enjoyable anymore.

  • 4

    Get Over It

    Believe me, if I wanted get over my mother taking my brother to Europe and not me I would have. Being told to get over something is the worst, and if people wanted to get over something they would.

  • 5

    It Was, Or wasn't Meant to Be

    Last time I checked nobody knows everything, so how do you know it was or wasn't meant to be.

  • 6

    Calm Down

    Don't tell somebody to calm down because telling them that is not going to work. If anything telling somebody to calm down is just going to do the opposite.

  • 7

    Just Try Harder

    "Just try harder". I'm sorry but no matter how hard I try I cant fly. Being told to try harder sucks, especially when your already trying your best.

  • 8

    Only You Can Change Yourself

    Now why would I want to do that? I'll have you know I like myself just the way I am, and besides if you want to change you have to rely on others support. So no you are not the only one that can make you change.

  • 9

    They Are in a Better Place Now

    Something that is usually said at a funeral could never be more wrong about uncle Max because uncle Max was a horrible person and is most definitely not in a better place.

  • 10

    Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

    If I'm suppose to treat others the way I want to be treated, then that also applies for Sally right? Because she is a very mean person so I assume she wants me to treat her badly, and who am I to not treat others the way they want to be treated.

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