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Summer is here! Thank god for the warm weather, but being a mom, sometimes isn't fun during the summer. Most parents can't wait for school to start again because it keeps the gets busy. But, how mean is that. Summer time for you and your kids can be fun and educational at the same time. Kids get angry though, when they have to do something so try these steps to see if it makes the summer time board-um go away and make your life easier.First of all, find out what your kids goals are for the summer. Have them make a list of the things that they want to do. Post them to the wall.

Speaking from experience, kids get angry when they are pulled away from the TV or their digital device. I usually take it away and say 'If you don't start acting right, you are never getting this back.' But does that work? It is very rare, so here is the next step.

Next, you make your list of stuff that is expected of them everyday. Aside from the normal 'make your bed', 'brush your teeth' or 'feed the dogs', you have extra stuff that needs to be done. Pulling the weeds always sucks, but if they want to go to the trampoline park, using their cell phone, laptop or the mall then this item needs to be finished off and once a week.

Constancy is the key. If you make them do it, then you need to follow through with what you say you are going to do to.

Above all and no matter what their chores are going to be, make sure they are outside for at least two hours everyday. Whether it being reading, playing kick ball or building a fort. Being outside increases the imagination ten times fold.

Hope these tips help and have a great summer.

All tips made possible by Kelly West, I developed and used and they worked.

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