10 Years are nailing down the details for their next album, revealing yet another new song in the process. The band has just unleashed the visualizer clip for "The Unknown," a soaring track off the group's forthcoming album, Violent Allies.

The band confirmed the album title, while the artwork and track listing have also been revealed as well (as seen below). The Violent Allies record will drop on Sept. 18 through Mascot Records.

As for "The Unknown," the song plays out over majestic landscapes in the visualizer clip below and lyrics appear over the eye-catching visions. “We’re in a wide-open world we’ve created, but we have to step back and look at where we are and adapt,” says singer Jesse Hasek. “We’re all in the unknown right now.”

"The Unknown" follows on the heels of the previously released song "The Shift," which also now has a visualizer clip as well.

Speaking about their ninth studio album, singer Jesse Hasek states, “We don’t ever try to recreate what we’ve done in the past. We knew we had to challenge ourselves to see what we had in us. If it’s not stressful, you’re not challenging yourself to grow. From the beginning, music has always been therapy and an outlet. We let ourselves enjoy the process, be vulnerable, and talk about those emotions. We got back to why we love music with the maturity of where we’re at in our lives. We were able to harness that love of creating from a wiser and more developed perspective.”

“We were hard on ourselves,” adds guitarist Brian Vodinh. “It was more intense than during records past, but it was worth it. The outcome was exactly what we wanted it to be.”

The band members flew to Los Angeles last year to work with producer Howard Benson over a five-week period. “Time spent in the studio or simply collaborating on our vision was a catalyst in reaching creative clarity like we’ve never had before. It reminded all three of us that this bond created over the last two decades is best served when individual voices becomes collective vision," state the group. "It was fun, because we were back to being brothers. No matter how frustrated we might get, once we looked out at it, the energy was unexplainable. Our mission was to really connect with the songs, break them down, and build them back up.”

Vodinh adds, “The younger versions of us would’ve been going to Hollywood every night and partying. It was different. We actually came up with a lot of ideas, melody tweaks, and had really good brainstorming sessions in the car on the PCH. The whole vibe contributed to what the record is. All we cared about was writing and recording the best songs we possibly could. We felt like we had something to prove.”

“This record wasn’t just another record,” the guitarist concludes. “It’s the result of working hard to improve on all levels. There’s a lot to dig into. It’s a graduated state for the band.”

Pre-orders for the Violent Allies album are available here ahead of the record's Sept. 18 street date.

10 Years, "The Unknown"

10 Years, Violent Allies Artwork + Track Listing

PhotoMelange Texture - Painted Canvas Four

1 The Shift
2 The Unknown
3 Waiting
4 Déjà Vu
5 Without You
6 Cut The Cord
7 Planets III
8 Sleep In The Fire
9 I Wish
10 Start Again
11 Planets IV
12 Say Goodbye

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