Friday Night Fights will feature two new tracks on 97 Rock, and you get to decide which one you like more and want to hear more of! The winner will be played the following Friday at 8pm and battle with a new band and a new song to see who takes home that weeks title!

Nickelback's regin as Friday Night Champion comes to an end this week as you voted for 10 Years 'Now Is The Time'. They will go head-to-head against Sevendust and their song 'Ride Insane' from their latest album 'Cold Day Memory'. You have seen them both at the Toyota Center in Kennewick, now they face off in this week's Friday Night Fight!

Lets get it on! Take a listen to the tracks below, vote for your favorite, and leave a comment. Then tune in next Friday night at 8pm to find out who that weeks champion is and to vote on the next fight!

  • 10 Years - Now Is The Time

    In 2010, 10 Years returned with their third studio album and their heaviest yet! They landed an opening slot on one of the biggest tours of the year, the Carnival of Madness, opening for Shinedown and Puddle of Mudd. They are currently working on a new album.

  • Sevendust - Ride Insane

    One band that will always seem to maintain an underground vibe while being known and respected in the mainstream world...Sevendust. Now fully reunited with their original lineup, Sevendust's latest album 'Cold Day Memory' sees the Atlanta natives returning more to their roots.

  • Come back every Friday night at 8pm as our winner will take on a new band and new song!

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