Going on a first date can be a hard and very uneasy experience. Sometimes things start out awkward and some good questions might be just what you need to break the ice and get started on the right foot. Here is a great list of easy questions that can help break the ice and maybe find Mr. or Mrs. Right!

(I'll put my answers underneath)

  • 1

    "You are given three wishes by a genie, what do you wish for (no infinite wishes or loopholes)."

    1-Superman powers

    2-I want to own Hawaii..the whole thing

    3-Long healthy life for my family and I

  • 2

    "What was your first pet?"

    A tadpole that I raised to a frog but then it jumped out and dried in my room. I had a dog from the time I was born, but it wasn't "mine". His name was Prince.

  • 3

    "What gets you out of bed in the morning?"

    My kids...every morning earlier then I want.

  • 4

    "What are your three greatest passions?"

    1-My family


    3-Djing - career

  • 5

    "What do you do when it rains?"

    Depends on how warm it is, but I love the rain. Especially when it is warm. I run to it instead of running away.

  • 6

    "Where is you your favorite place to be?"

    Disney parks or Centurylink Field at a Seahawks game.

  • 7

    "Would travel to a foreign country alone?"

    Yea, but it depends on which one. North Korea..probably not.

  • 8

    "Where would you go during a zombie apocalypse?"

    I have lots of friends with guns and weapons. Proly hang with them away from civilization somewhere.

  • 9

    "What's your favorite kind of cheese?"

    Cougar Gold...gotta try it!

    Brie wrapped in croissant / then baked and put on a slice of pear is great also.

  • 10

    "Do you like horror movies? Why or why not?"

    They are ok but I wouldn't say I like them. They have to be a little funny like "Scream".

  • 11

    "What are you looking forward to the most right now?"

    The 2017 NFL football season to start.

  • 12

    "What's something that made you laugh this week?"

    I was in Orlando with friends at the Pro Bowl and we went out to eat in Disney World. It was my friend Justin, his wife Joy, my friend Luke and I. The waiter asked how we split the bill and Luke said that "we were together". Justin made a comment about how it was our "2 year anniversary" and then I joked how it would have been 12 if he would just commit. Anyway the waiter thought it was so funny he brought back an anniversary cupcake with candles and made us blow it out and hug. My stomach still hurts!

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