In the past 24 hours, the Benton Franklin Health District is reporting 127 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Benton and Franklin Counties, with one death in Benton County.

The Benton County death was a man in his 90's with underlying health issues.

The breakdown of the confirmed cases is pretty evenly split between the counties over the last day, with 59 cases reported in Benton County and 68 cases announced in Franklin County.

Benton County has a total of 2,183 cases of cornoavirus and 2,207 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Franklin County. A total of 21,022 people have been tested for coronavirus and 4,390, or almost 21%, have tested positive between the two counties. The percentage is roughly 16% in Benton County and 28% in Franklin County.

The combined death toll for both counties is 113, or .005% of the the total number of tests from both counties.

There are currently 71 people being treated in area hospitals for COVID-19.

Click here for help with information regarding what is open and what is not during this Phase 1.5 of the four Phase opening plan. Manufacturing, in-store retail, personal services, construction, restaurants and dog grooming facts and other need-to-know clarifications are included at the link.

A new model by the University of Washington predicts 208,000 Americans could die from the coronavirus by November. If 95% of the population wore a mask, that number would drop to 162,000.

A doctor in France used an analogy for people who refuse to wear face coverings is like people who drive drunk. "That would be considered antisocial, and not wearing facce coverings in public should be regarded the same way." I'm not so sure about the equivalency there, Dr. Frenchy, but I'll think about it and try and take your message to heart.

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