My hometown of Clarkston Washington is shutting down its Walmart due to Covid concerns for a few days.

KLEW-TV is reporting that Walmart in Clarkston Washington is shutting down for deep cleaning amid new Covid concerns but will reopen soon.

How Long Is The Clarkston Walmart Closed For?

Walmart in Clarkston has been closed since Monday, August 9th, and will reopen again on Wednesday, August 11th according to published reports.

What Are The Details On The Walmart Closure?

Walmart Corporate issued this statement concerning the temporary closure:

As an essential business and a member of the Clarkston, WA community, we understand the role we play in providing our customers with food, medicine and other essential items, especially at this time.

As you know, several areas across the country have begun seeing a renewed increase in positive COVID-19 cases, mainly in regions with low vaccination rates, and we want to assist health officials working against the pandemic. In support of this effort, we have chosen to temporarily close our Broken Arrow store location at 306 5th St, today at 2 p.m. as part of a company-initiated program. This will allow extra time for a third-party specialist to further sanitize the store and will also give our associates additional time to restock shelves and prepare the store to once again serve the community. We plan to reopen the store to customers at 6 a.m. on August 11.

Any Word On Tri-Cities Walmarts Closing?

In the Tri-Cities area, our local 7-11 locations have been closed down for deep cleanings, does this mean a closure of the three area Walmarts is a possibility?

I did a quick search on closures and press statements from Walmart and didn't see anything currently about closures in the Tri-Cities so I think we are good for now.

If closure does happen in the near future, I'm sure it'll be in line with the deep cleaning that the Clarkston Walmart is undergoing and will only be temporary.

You can read more about the Clarkston Walmart closure here and you get more news about Walmart here

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