It's time to start planning for April Fools if you want to make it truly memorable. We have a lot of fun at the radio station. Whether it's mandatory no-toilet flushing, lies about sagebrush, or false information about the Badger Mountain parking lot, we love to get people going. What will YOU do? Here are a couple ideas to get you going:

1) Collect some broken auto glass. Roll down the window in the work vehicle and sprinkle the broken glass all over the seat.

2) Replace soap in the dispensers with motor oil.

3) Throughout the day unscrew the sink faucets and add bright red, green or blue Kool-Aid powder.

4) I'm personally not a fan of Saran-Wrap over the toilet. I'm not sure I could ever forgive the person.

5) Purchase several newspapers today and then early, early on April 1 deliver them rolled up on the front porch of several of your friends.

6) Add bullion cubes to the office coffee.

7) Donate donuts to the office and add a little Ghost Pepper oil to the frosting.

8) My sister is a fan of messing with people's cars. Although the year she put honey on a windshield she lost a friend. Don't go too far.

9) Purchase targeted Facebook ads and target them at a friend or co-worker for products or services that only make sense to them. They'll think Facebook can read their mind!

10) Order online several Annoy-a-Trons and hide them throughout your office

11) My favorite from "The Office" is putting the nickels in the telephone receiver. By adding to the weight a little every day he makes it heavier without Dwight noticing. Then on the selected day he takes all the weight out and Dwight hits himself in the face!

12) Purchase custard-filled doughnuts and scoop out the custard and replace with mayonnaise.

13) Also featured in "The Office," putting office supplies in Jell-O or under ice.