April Fools' is back and it seems that everything has been done ten times over. I have done the sponge cake prank, the 'put the straw in toilet' prank etc. Sometimes going back to when you were a kid is always a good idea. Prank phone calls that aren't mean are always fun.There is some fun to be had on April Fools and wacky prank calls is just the beginning.

Call your friends today and say this:

'Is your refrigerator running? Well you better go catch.'

'Hi this is your bank and we have a deposit here for 1 million dollars!'

'Hey This is Shock You Radio and you just won a brand new dumpster.'

'Hey this is so and so from your clinic and you are pregnant!'

'Good morning. We are asking all people to leave their garbage on the outside of their house and not in the can for a few hours, Thanks.'

Not sure how many people would fall for these but some of them can be pretty funny!

What is your favorite April Fools day prank call? Take the poll and let me know.