From cassette tapes and CDs to vinyl and books, Record Store Day has become an annual tradition for music fans and collectors to join together to get their hands on exclusive items that span genres. While you can pick up releases from a wide range of genres, we want to take a closer look at what rock and metal fans can expect from this year's Record Store Day, set to take place on April 19.

Fans of hard rock will be excited to see acts like Five Finger Death Punch††† (Crosses) Korn and Machine Head participating this year. If you want something on the alternative side, you may want to check out the complete box set of Cake's discography or Cage the Elephant's 7-inch for 'Take It or Leave It.' Need something heavier? Look no further than a live album from Mastodon or the complete discography from thrashers Cancerous Growth.

There are also some classic albums being re-released from acts like Aerosmith and Husker Du as well. As with each Record Store Day, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

It's time to start planning, so make sure you put some cash aside and make sure your schedule is wide open on April 19. If you're not sure which local record shop to head to, check out Record Store Day's list of participating stores here.

2014 Record Store Day Hard Rock + Metal Guide:

††† (Crosses), 'One' -- RSD Limited Run
††† (Crosses), 'Three' -- RSD Limited Run
††† (Crosses), 'Two' -- RSD Limited Run
311, '311' -- RSD First Release
311, 'Evolver' -- RSD First Release
Aerosmith, 'Draw the Line' -- RSD First Release
Aerosmith, 'Night in the Ruts' -- RSD First Release
Aerosmith, 'Rock in a Hard Place' -- RSD First Release
Aerosmith, 'Rocks' -- RSD First Release
Beauregarde, 'Testify' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Between the Buried and Me, 'Colors_Live' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Black Angels, 'Clear Lake Forest' -- RSD First Release
Cage the Elephant, 'Take It or Leave It' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Cake, 'Vinyl Box Set' -- RSD Limited Run
Cancerous Growth, 'Cancer Causing Agents: A Cancerous Growth Discography' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Chiodos, 'R2ME2 / Let Me Get You a Towel' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Christian Death, 'The Edward Colver Edition' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Clutch / Lionize, 'Split 7' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Die Kreuzen, 'Cows and Beers 12"' -- RSD Limited Run
Die Kreuzen, 'Cows and Beers' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Dinosaur, Jr., 'Visitors' -- RSD First Release
Dream Theater, 'Illumination Theory' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Fishbone, 'Fishbone' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Five Finger Death Punch, 'Purgatory: Tales from the Pit' -- RSD Limited Run
Garbage, 'Girls Talk Sh-t' -- RSD First Release
Ghoul, 'Hang Ten' -- RSD Limited Run
Gojira, 'The Way of All Flesh' -- RSD Limited Run
Green Day, 'Demolicious' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Husker Du, 'Candy Apple Grey' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Jay-Z / Linkin Park, 'Collision Course' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Jimi Hendrix, 'Live at Monterey' -- RSD First Release
Khlyst, 'Chaos is My Name' -- RSD First Release
Korn, 'The Paradigm Shift Picture Disc' -- RSD Limited Run
Machine Head, 'A New Machine' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Mastodon, 'Live at Brixton' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Middle Class Rut, 'Factories & Indians' -- RSD Limited Run
Motorhead, 'Aftershock' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Mudhoney, 'On Top' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Nirvana, 'Pennyroyal Tea' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Opeth, 'Watershed' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Poison Idea / Pantera, 'The Badge' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Radkey, 'Radkey: Live in London' -- RSD Limited Run
Raw Power, 'Tired and Furious' -- RSD Limited Run
Slipknot, 'Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Soundgarden, 'Superunknown: The Singles' -- RSD Exclusive Release
The Pogues, 'Live with Joe Strummer' -- RSD Exclusive Release
The Ramones, 'Meltdown with the Ramones' -- RSD Exclusive Release
The Sonics / Mudhoney, 'Bad Betty / I Like it Small' -- RSD Limited Run
The Stranglers, 'Peaches / Go Buddy Go' -- RSD Limited Run
The Velvet Underground, 'Loaded' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Toxic Reasons, 'Ghost Town' -- RSD Limited Run
Toxic Reasons, 'Live Berkeley Square: December 1981' -- RSD Limited Run
Toxic Reasons, 'War Hero' -- RSD Limited Run
Type O Negative, 'Slow, Deep and Hard' -- RSD Exclusive Release
Various Artists, 'Breaking Glass: Garage Rock from Toledo, Ohio' -- RSD Limited Run

Make sure to check out the full list of all releases here.

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