Mastodon and Feist covered one another’s songs for Record Store Day (April 21) in one of the most anticipated releases of said event. Don’t stress or fret if you didn’t get a chance to nab the 7″ single yet. You can still listen to and enjoy the music online, since it is available in streaming form.

Dubbed ‘Feistodon,’ the Atlanta-based metallers covered her song a ‘A Commotion,’ while she in turn offered up her rendition of their ‘Black Tongue.’

It’s certainly an unusual pairing but these types of collaborations are perfect for Record Store Day. The Canadian singer-guitarist gives their song a sexy, female and overall indie rock edge. The song crackles and pops. Meanwhile, Mastodon beefs up her song with their signature metallic sound.

Take a listen to each song below. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them both since they are so different. This split is most certainly a record store day success.

Listen to Feistodon ‘Black Tongue’

Listen to Feistodon ‘A Commotion

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