Where Are The Best Places To Paddleboard In The Tri-Cities?

My wife has become a big paddleboarder and she's recently lured me into purchasing my own paddleboard.

Check Out The Top 10 Places To Paddleboard Or Kayak In The Tri-Cities

I've been discovering a whole realm of fun with my paddleboard. I purchased my paddleboard from Amazon.com and it converts into a kayak as needed.

As the days get warmer in the Tri-Cities, hitting the river is going to be fun and it'll keep me occupied this summer.

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Here's A Complete Listing Of The Best Places To Paddleboard In The Tri-Cities

If you are a novice to the sport like I am, I couldn't find areas where to put my paddleboard into the water.

My wife and I have explored and discovered some areas around the Tri-Cities.

We've gone to Twin Rivers and we've boarded in what they call the "Mud Hole" at Bateman Island. We've even put in at West Richland and floated down to Chamna Natural Preserve.

There is a great resource if you are a novice paddleboarder that you can check and that's a website called northwestpaddleboarding.com.

They've done an amazing job outlining everything you would need to know about taking up paddle boarding as a sport, hobby, and just for fun.

They've got a great list of launch places on their website and we've included 10 random places that you can launch your paddleboard and kayak from in the Tri-Cities.   

10 Of The Best Places In The Tri-Cities To Launch Your Paddleboard

Looking for a place to paddleboard or kayak? Here are 10 places in the Tri-Cities where you can put

Northwestpaddleboarding.com is a great resource for all things paddle boarding in the Tri-Cities and they've even expanded the total launch places to 36 in the Tri-Cities area.

You can take a look at their list of 36 places to launch your kayak and paddleboard from in the Tri-Cities here.

I hope to see you out on the water!

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