Spring break is drawing closer and closer, as people try to decide what to do. Lucky for you Washington State isn't too bad of a getaway, there are so many options to getaway.

If you're looking to hit the beach, a water park, or just get away from technology and go camping we'll help you find it. Here's our top 4 spots to vacation during spring break in 2022.

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4.) Great Wolf Lodge in Centrailia

Great Wolf Lodge is the perfect spring break getaway, with an indoor water park, Restaurants, bars, full service hotel rooms and so much fun the kiddos will never forget it. The indoor waterpark allows you to enjoy all the fun in the pool without having to worry aobut the weather so your vacation is never ruined.

3.) Yakima Sportsman Camping Grounds

A beautiful state park with the Yakima river going right thru it, enjoy camping at it's finest with plenty of spots to set up your tents, or an R.V. Sometimes spring break can be a chance for you and your family to get back into nature while enjoying the beauty and outdoors that is Yakima.

2.) Ocean Shores

Ocean shores is stocked with fun things to do, renting mopeds, horses, go karts you name it. They have amazing restaurants, beautiful hotels and of course the beach. If you're looking for a cheaper activities for the familiy while you're out there, Ocean shores has plenty of novelty shops like kites, miniture golf and a decently sized bowling alley. There's never not something to do when you hit the coast.

1.) Olyjmpic National Park in Port Angeles 

Beatiful views doesn't do this place justice, up on the peninsula of Washington is one of the largest rain forests in Washington state, you can go out and enjoy the great out doors with views you can't get anywhere else. Hiking for the whole family on easier or harder trails if you so wish it. Olympic National forest is one of those vacations you'll never forget with so much to do.


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