Here is what the Benton Franklin Health District is reporting over the last 24 hours in the Columbia Basin:

In Benton County, since yesterday, there were no deaths due to COVID-19 and 30 additional cases tested positive for a total of 3,776. The Washington State Department of Health is currently unable to report negative numbers. Their team is working hard t resolve the issue.

In Franklin County, there was one death reported, a man in his 70's, and 17 additional cases tested positive for a total of 3,559. Like in Benton County, testing data is not available for Franklin County.

And now for some non-chaotic coronavirus chronicles:

A circus in Germany has been financially staying afloat during the pandemic by selling lion and tiger poop. People want the excrement because it helps keep other animals away from their garden.

Maybe it's because people are flying much less frequently these days, and/or maybe it's because TSA can actually properly screen bags more thoroughly because of fewer passengers, but agents are finding and confiscating firearms in carry-on luggage at a rate of three times the count of guns they found during the same time period last year. Scary.

A new survey of small businesses by Gather Up reveals that 71% of people are more likely to do business in stores that require coronavirus masks, and 18% of people are less inclined to shop at a business that enforces the wearing of facial coverings.

The CDC says there are cases of people dying from drinking hand sanitizer. Please don't drink hand sanitizer and die.

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