I think everyone is excited for Star Wars The Force Awakens, but I am going crazy. The movie is now less then one month away and we have over 5 minutes for trailer footage to pine over. I have watched numerous theory videos and paused ever frame of all the footage to find hints to the movie I've been dreaming about for years. Here are 5 of the most spectacular plot theories for the movie that may or may not be true. ***SPOILER ALERT**** If you do not want any idea about crazy theories and want to keep completely in the dark the DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!


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    Rey is Han and Leia's Daughter

    There are way too many obvious clues that lead me to this conclusion. Not only does she look just like both Amidala and Leia, but there are many others. One trailer talks about "seeing her eyes before", they then show her and right after Han. She also talks about waiting for her family in another. Rey is obviously this series Luke Skywalker character. Abandoned by her family, left to fend for herself, and then thrust into a huge galactic adventure.

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    Starkiller Base is Another Death Star Type Weapon

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    Kylo Ren is Rey's Brother

    Kylo Ren is the Sith type character we see in the trailer with a red light saber that is infatuated with Darth Vader. One of his quotes is "I will fulfill OUR destiny". I think 'our' means he feels a link to Vader because Vader is his grandfather. He also holds back from killing Rey in a quick scene where he holds the saber to her neck. Why is because he knows she is his sister. I think his turning to the dark side is what made Han and Leia give up Rey and that is why she grew up alone. Han and Leia twins were also written into the stories of the books.

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    Han Solo will Die

    It is well known that Harrison Ford wanted Lucas to kill off Han in Empire and he did not do it. In this movie, Han Solo is going to fill the same roll that Kenobi did for Luke Skywalker. He comes to her rescue and informs her about the past and is her old wise authority figure. Remember Kenobi dies forcing Luke to take the hero roll and fullfill his destiny. Without Han or Kenobi dying, our heroes destiny can never be realized. This pic I think is the scene where it happens, and Rey is distraught.

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    Luke Fights Kylo Ren

    The look on Fin's face says it all, he is about to get his but kicked and he knows it. Kylo Ren would easily kill a guy with no training or force powers and Fin obviously does not. We all know Luke is in the film and he is the only person that could save Fin from certain death. I think he interrupts the fight, scares away Kylo Ren after kicking his butt and reunites with his grand daughter Rey to guide them now that Han is gone.