A few weeks ago The Brad brought Annie Thorisdottir to our attention. She's the woman in the Reebok commercial with Chad OchoCinco. We think she's awesome. She's hot and could beat anyone up.

But what really got our attention was finding out she's the CrossFit Games world champion -- arguably the fittest woman in the world.

How could she get any cooler? How about the fact that her name literally means Thor's daughter! We could definitely see this red-headed viking as the seed of Nordic Gods.

What's next for Annie? She'll be defending her title at the 2012 CrossFit Games, but we'd like to see her head to Hollywood. Here are five movies we'd like to see her star in.

  • 1

    A live-action version of the new animated movie "Brave"

    If you haven't seen the trailers, Disney's new movie is about a little red-headed Irish girl who can kick the boys' butts. She's a forced to be reckoned with and I have a feeling that the story line will include her village being in trouble and the little girl saving everyone with her whit and bravery. Annie would be an obvious pick for a live-action version of the film and I'm sure she can swing an Irish accent.

    Disney Pixar
  • 2

    Poison Ivy

    We're referring to the Batman character, not the 1992 Drew Barrymore film, of course. Uma Thurman did a fantastic job as Poison Ivy in 1997, but the movie was terrible. We'd like to see an Annie and Christian Bale mash up. And if Christian loses his temper again, there will now be someone on set who could put him in his place.

    Amazon.com and DC Comics
  • 3


    Remember the cartoon series ThunderCats? It was a favorite of ours and we had a crush on Cheetara before we even liked girls. Annie is so pretty it would be a shame to cover her face with makeup, but the coloring is right and we think Annie would do a fantastic job.

    Amazon.com and Rankin/Bass Productions
  • 4

    Blossom and the Powerpuff Girls

    We're not fans of the television show. I can't say I ever watched an episode all the way through. But the Powerpuff Girls defined female power for an entire generation. If they ever make a movie, and we're not saying they should, I just can't think of ANYONE who could be Blossom other than Annie.

    Amazon.com and Cartoon Network
  • 5

    Pippi Longstocking Grows Up

    If you've never seen the 1969 Swedish version of Pippi Longstocking, you're missing out. It was a wonderfully colorful (in both senses of the word) film (originally a TV show that was re-edited as a movie) about a cheeky little girl with incredible strength. She was the orphaned daughter of a pirate. And since pirates and vikings are similar, and Annie has super-human strength, we think it's the perfect role. All the American re-makes of this story were awful, so we'd like to see a version with Annie as an adult who maybe has to seek revenge for her fallen father.