Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland got noticed in America after starring in a Reebok commercial. She is arguably the hottest redhead to catch our attention since Christina Hendricks. And she could literally pick Christina up over her head and throw her out the Mad Men skyscraper's window.

But she's not only hot, but brilliant! After Faith Martin interviewed the viking vixen we learned she majored in biochemistry at the University of Iceland and wants to pursue a career in medicine someday.

With so many talentless celebrities catching our attention today (I wish I could flour bomb a Kardashian!) Annie's talent truly impressed us. Here is the interview:

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Annie Thorisdottir, originally from Iceland, was chosen to star in a Reebok commercial with Chad OchoCinco because she won the 2011 CrossFit World Games, that makes her arguably the world'd fittest woman. Prior to the filming, she HAD NO IDEA who Chad OchoCinco was. Hard to believe? Can you name any members of the Iceland National Soccer Team? Didn't think so.

Thorisdottir, which means "Thor's Daughter," did gymnastics and got into weight lifting as a way to continue working out after retiring.

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Annie said she loves working out because it's about being healthy, not body building. Annie and Faith, a former athlete herself, talked about the importance of finding an exercise for girls that is fun for them. For Annie, going to the gym is fun. "They'll see how it affects their body... and their own life and living their own life. With my girlfriends, when we travel together they struggle to get their hand luggage in the overhead compartment," she said. Being fit makes the basic activities of life easier, she said. Annie isn't interested in diets that starve her, she diets to make her body healthy. It's not about eating less; sometimes eating more is what you do to give your body the right energy, she explained. Annie said she eats plenty of dark chocolate.

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Unfortunately, acting is not part of Annie's future plans. "You never know," she said, but I was hoping she'd already packed her bags and was heading to Hollywood! Sorry dudes, she has a boyfriend (who is as buff as she is) and she has blocked the public from her personal Facebook due to the stalkers. If she were to star in a movie, she said she'd like to be in a new version of G.I. Jane.