A guy named Alex Roy just broke the New York to LA driving speed record in 26 hours and 28 minutes!

For those of you not paying attention, he just broke the old record set by Ed Bolian by over one hour. If this amount of time seems unbelievable, it's because it is almost impossible. This crazy past time of driving from NY to LA was started in 1933 by Edwin "Cannonball" Baker in under 54 hours. It has been tried many time since then but Alex Roys new time may stand for all time. He used tricks and tools that normal everyday, non psychotic people, just do not have access too.

Here are 5 reasons, YOU can never break Alex Roy's NY to LA speed record.

  • 1

    The 850bhp Car

    He used a custom Infinity Q50 with turbo for 850bhp. He also custom installed double steering wheels and pedals so the drivers could switch on the fly.

  • 2

    Police Help

    Allegedly, Alex had around 30 police officers that were helping him with his journey. He says he convinced police that they couldn't stop him, and it would be safer to work together. They listened.

  • 3

    Three Airplane Spotters

    Alex could see way ahead in the road and avoid problems because he used 3 different planes as lookouts for his trip.

  • 4

    Laser Jammer and Night Vision Goggles

    He used a ton of cool tech toys to get past obstacles including laser jamming systems and night vision goggles. You might as well call him Batman or James Bond with all those toys.

  • 5

    Smoke Screen

    Yes..he had a smoke screen system installed on the car. It makes me giggle a little bit just saying it. Probably one of the coolest things ever!