I have to be honest, I do not use credit cards anymore. I have a debit only card that I pay all my bills with. My savings account is not attached to a credit card anymore for many reasons. People can steal your information for one, and number two, I charge way to much and them I am left with a huge bill that I do not want to pay. So I have some advice for all of you. Here are five purchases that you should never put on a credit card.

  • 1

    A Big Tax Bill

    This is a very bad thing. No owing the IRS, twice!

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  • 2

    Gambling Spree

    Taking money off a credit card and then throwing it away is not wise.

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  • 3

    College Tuition

    It would be better if you just took out student loans.

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  • 4

    Plastic Surgery

    Things might go bad and that will just make you mad if you owe that bill. It would be better to just not pay the doctor. HA! Just kidding.

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  • 5

    Lavish Wedding

    Same as plastic surgery -- what if it doesn't work out?

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