Thieves are most active around the holidays. Check out these six super easy ways to create a "secret safe" in your home for less than $5!

  • 1

    Use a fake electric outlet

    For $3 and some time at the hardware store you can pick up an electric outlet face plate and a wire box to go behind it. Instead of wires, insert your valuables!

  • 2

    Bottle inside a metal can

    This only works if thieves aren't hungry, so Doomsday Preppers won't find much use in this. But if you use a can of turnips or something equally unappealing you'll be safe!

  • 3

    Inside DVD cases

    This idea has a lot of potential as long as your thieves aren't looking for DVDs.

  • 4

    Secret Sexy Book

    Make it for a joke, then use it for a safe. But honestly, if I'm a thief and I stumble on a book called "101 Ways to Better Sex" I'll probably steal it. Maybe a religious tome would work better.

  • 5

    Hidden compartment under sink

    This is BRILLIANT! Anybody can do this.

  • 6

    Under a bucket of bolts

    Nothing is less appealing to a thief than a heavy bucket of rusty bolts. Put your valuables in a sack, cover it with bolts and you're good!