The ski bunny is an illusive species that exists within North America, and in selected regions all over the world. These bright eyed, bushy tailed creatures are usually found in well-known ski towns, both on the slopes and off.

Ski bunnies present differently based on their climate and location. For instance a ski bunny that you spot in Salt Lake City, Utah will be of a dramatically different breed than one found in Aspen, Colorado. If you're on the hunt to trap a bunny of your very own this winter, this list will get you headed in the right direction.

So strap your skis to the top of your suburban, fill your trunk with PBR and make like Elmer Fudd - go catch yourself a wabbit.

Snowbird (Cottonwood Heights, UT)

Locals refer this little gem located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah as “The Bird.” With an average annual snowfall of 500’’ and a vertical drop of 3,240’ Snowbird’s terrain is not for the weak of heart and any potential snow bunny you find hopping around will most likely be able to ski better and go bigger than you. While it’s nestled within Little Cottonwood Canyon, you don’t have to leave to get the perks of a nightlife or social atmosphere. Located right on the mountain is the Tram Club, which boasts a young crowd, and a five dollar shot and beer deal. It’s a great place to drink, dance, and mingle. Just be sure you’re not wearing your beer (ski) goggles when doing so.

Aspen, CO

While Harry and Lloyd may have been Dumb and Dumber, they were smart enough to follow their hearts to Aspen, Colorado where the “beer flows like wine” and “beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.” We’re talkin’ about a little place called Aspen. Aspen is part of a system boasting quadruple peaks (Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, and Buttermilk) and you can ski all four peaks for the price of one lift ticket. This makes Aspen seem too good to be true, a fact that is debatable depending what kind of broad it is you’re looking for. Aspen ladies may be a bit high-maintenance for the ski bum at heart as they require mink stoles, purse sized puppies, and a bottle of Dom Perignon or Cristal apres ski as opposed to a Pabst Blue Ribbon. However it’s one of the best ski towns when it comes to nightlife, and if you’re looking for a more laid-back lady, just hit up a local joint like the Double Dog Pub.

Jackson Hole (Jackson Hole, WY)

Photo Chris Figenshan /

This is the place you come to meet the girl next door, that also happens to ski. Jackson Hole in Wyoming is the quintessential ski town, and full of a young population of people who came once for a visit and never found a reason to leave. If you’re an especially romantic guy, this is your ultimate jam. Jackson Hole is mere miles outside of Yellowstone, and its valley a part of Grand Teton National Park. After a day of intense shredding, you may just happen up a majestic moose and her calf or a herd of bison grazing against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. If that’s not your style, the downtown area is full of saloons and taverns such as the Silver Dollar and the Mangy Moose where you can get acquainted with the locals and most likely happen upon some good live music. Professional freeskier Lynsey Dyer calls Jackson Hole home, and if she isn’t the shining example of “ski babe” at it’s best, I don’t know who is.

Squaw (Lake Tahoe, CA)

Millions of years ago, a little bitty piece of heaven fell from the sky. When that minuscule piece fell, it landed in Northern California, and is now referred to as Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe, California is a complete hidden treasure in the pursuit of ski babes. Most people associate California with bright lights, beaches, and hot sun. What they don’t realize is that it is also host to a thriving ski community. Squaw, in particular, hosts a small army of snow bunnies who can drop cliffs, take names, and still make it to the after party. As this town straddles the Nevada border, there are plenty of casinos to unwind at as well as bars that aren’t ready to close even after you’re ready to shut it down. To rub elbows, or more, with the locals - head to the Crystal Bay Club Casino or the Fat Cat Cafe.

Jay Peak (Jay, Vermont)

Jay Peak is easily the best place in New England to both ski some good terrain, and potentially find the east coast ski bunny of your dreams. In order to find the kind of girl you're looking for, you need to look at the mountain you are selecting. Jay Peak is the Angelina Jolie of ski mountains in the east, and anything else: the Jennifer Aniston. You’re not quite getting jipped with the Aniston, but if given the choice - you’re obviously going to go for the Jolie. Jay Peak gets good storms, has backcountry features, and awesome terrain. This, in turn; should attract awesome skiers, some of which should be female. Unfortunately the nightlife is slim to none at Jay Peak, but then again there is always the hotel bar. For ski-in, ski-out convenience book a room at Hotel Jay, or the Tram Haus Lodge.

Mont-Tremblant (Quebec, Canada)

If your taste in woman is slightly more exotic but your checkbook is not equipped for the Alps, take a Canadian excursion to Mont-Tremblant. The mountain is located in Quebec, Canada about 81 miles north-west of Montreal. If the 18 acres of terrain aren’t enough to pull you, the nightlife should. You can pick your poison and stay in either Canadian hotspot, I just recommend you be able to "parler du" some "français" before you hit the town. However, if you’re about a trip without traversing there are four bars and microbreweries right in the ski village.