Washington towns and city's are fairly easy to pronounce, if you have lived here. If you are just some normal person checking out towns in Washington State, there is no way you could pronounce some of them. Here are the 5 hardest city's in the state of Washington that out-of-towners wouldn't know unless they have heard them pronounced. The first one is Selah, WA. Have the time you hear other people say 'SAY LAW' SAY LAY!'  It is always funny to hear a digital device or 'Seri' say Selah!

Second is Yakima. Named after the Native American Tribe of the Yakima Nation. You hear most people pronounce it 'YAKEEMA' or YAKEEM' which isn't even close to being right at all.

Third is Puyallup.  Hell, I don't even think I can say it right. But it isn't 'PULL YUP' or ' PU YALL UP' either. You give it a try.

Fourth is Suquamish. Just looking at the word you know it is going to be hard to say unless you live there. It is not 'SUCK Q MISH' or 'SOOK K MISH!' Say it like this 'SU QUAM ISH' and you won't mess up.

Fifth is Ohanapecosh. If you can say it then good for you. It is pronounced 'O HANNA PAKOSH' and if you said it like that, you did it right!

Sixth is Snoqualmie. This is always missed pronounced and even by news reports to boot. It is not 'SNA QU ALL MEE' and it isn't 'SNAK ALAMY!' If you think about it and once you say it, it is pretty darn easy. 'SNOW QAL MEE' and there you have it.


Here is a tutorial on how to say our Washington State citys and towns. Check them out.

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