The Mid Columbia has seen our fair share of celebrities come and go, but not many have chosen Tri-Cities as their final resting place. Here are six people whose names you'll instantly recognize found Sunset Memorial Gardens in Richland and Desert Lawn Memorial Park in Kennewick.

Sunset Memorial Gardens

  • Francis (Fran) Rish (1919-2006)

A football and Baseball coach for Richland High School in 1983. Fran Rish Stadium is named after him.

  • John Dam

John Dam Plaza park on Jadwin in Richland is named after him.


Millers Desert Lawn

  • Ray (Ranger) Mansfield (1941-1996)

Played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburg Steelers.

  • Neil Lampson

Founder of Lampson Cranes.

  • Howard Amon

One of the first settlers of Richland to donate land for Howard Amon Park.

  • Spencer Carmichael
Carmichael Middle School is named after him.