We told you about local people with extremely famous relatives and we got a bunch of messages asking why we left out obvious people! So here's follow up/sequel/volume 2!

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    Victoria Prince

    Victoria grew up in Richland and attended Washington State University where she played volleyball. Now she's famous for being Kevin Federline's wife. They visit her family in Kennewick all the time.

    Getty Images, David Hardenberg
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    Kevin Federline

    You know who K Fed is, but maybe you don't know he's from Pendleton and still has family there. Brittany used to come visit (maybe their divorce is what did in the EO Regional Airport!) His relatives say he comes home all the time, which is even easier now that his main squeeze is from TC.

    Getty Images, David Hardenberg
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    James Otto

    How could we have forgotten him the first time? So sorry Mr. Otto! And thank you to his family for not trashing our offices.

    Getty Images for CMHOF, Rick Diamond
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    Scott Campbell Jr. of "Deadliest Catch"

    His family has had some real highs and lows recently, but they're still fiercely proud of their hometown Walla Walla.

    Discovery via Youtube
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    Dwayne Johnson's Cousin

    Maybe this is just a rumor. If The Rock's cousin really lives here please come to the studio for an interview!

    Getty Images for Disney
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    Terence Knox (80s TV actor)

    silvermustangr5 via Youtube
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    James Wong Howe

    OK, his relatives DO NOT still live here. They were immigrants who came to work on the railroad. But I JUST HAD to include this Pasco native on my list. This guy faced incredible racism and still managed to achieve 2 Academy Awards along with 8 other nominations! His wife, a famous novelist, lived in a separate apartment for nearly a decade until California would recognize their inter-racial marriage! Oh, and let's not even go into their black-listing during the McCarthy era!

    Oscars via Youtube