The latest statistics from the Benton Franklin Health District show 7 people have died from COVID-19 in last 24 hour period, and there have been 75 new confirmed coronavirus cases between Benton and Franklin Counties.

Six of the 7 who died resided in Benton County. The Franklin County death was a woman in her 60's with underlying health issues. The Benton County deaths included men in their 90s and 80s with underlying health issues and two men who passed away in their 60s, one with underlying health issues, one without. The other Benton County fatalities were women, one in her 90s with underlying health issues and another in her 70s.

Fifty-five additional positive cases, out of 290 people tested, have been reported in Benton County over the last day bringing the total number of cases to 2,678, the total number of tests to 15,521 and there have been a total of 96 deaths in Benton County.

In Franklin County, 20 new confirmed cases out of 137 tests were reported, bringing the total number of cases to 2,573, the total number of tests to 9,302, and thirty-three people total have passed away from coronavirus in Franklin County.

Of the current 337 hospitalized patients in the Tri-Cities, 82 are for COVID-19, that is 24.3% of all patients.

Breaking it down by cities, Pasco has 2,249 confirmed cases, Kennewick has 1,641, Richland has 494, Prosser has 250, Connell has 177, West Richland has 131, there are 89 cases in Benton City, 44 cases in Mesa, Eltopia has 34 and there are less than 10 each in Kahlotus, Plymouth and Paterson.

There are 410 cases among long term care facilities, including residents and staff, as of early Thursday afternoon, July 16th.

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