The image of typical beach towels being boring ol’ rectangle-shaped is out! This summer, spice up your beach outfit with something else. Here are some creative beach towels that will help you be “cool.”





hi-Sun: Who knew a beach towel can turn into something more than a drying material? A product from shows four features in one: a backpack, a beach towel, an inflatable pillow, and speakers. Now you can get rid of those headphones while you’re tanning, and blast music for your friends around you!

Wearable Towel: Don’t just wrap yourself with a towel…wear it! This wearable towel has 3 arm holes and allows you to keep it secure. The towel is unisex and can be worn in either a toga style or a tunic style.

Prime TV: Weekend Murder Scene Towel: To promote the show “Weekend Murders” during summer season of volatile TV ratings, they created this towel. This pool-of-blood-shaped towel makes people look murdered when they lay on it. What a creative promotion idea!

Westminster Butt Face Towel: Now you won’t have to worry about wiping your face with the “dirty side” of the towel. This towel will help you with your confusion! Get it right each time!

Gillette: Fur Fur Away Towel: Gillette will successfully remind you to shave every time you use this towel in public.

Jumping Banana Barbecue Grill Beach Towel: The BBQ Grill Towel will easily hold your place at the beach by showing where you will be grilling. I mean, tanning. This towel makes a perfect gag gift for a tanning addicts, as well.

100 Dollar Bill Beach Towel: Get temporary satisfaction by lying on, or drying yourself with a 100 dollar bill. It will make you feel rich.

Magazine Cover Beach Towel: Put yourself on the cover of a magazine! In order to promote its search for new models, Playboy launched a special beach towel.