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Never before has it been so easy to score so much for so little.

Getty Images 48 Hours Festival - Avenged Sevenfold

97 Rock invites you to Kimos Sports Bar and Brewpub, this Friday night, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) at the corner of Columbia Park Trail and Columbia Center Blvd. in Richland. The Big 9-7 is LIVE 5:30-7:00. During that time, come by and sign up and then get ready at 7:00PM if you're present to WIN!


1 winner, 5 magnificent shows


Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Tool @ the Gorge June 17

Rise Against w/Deftones July 3rd @ White River Amphitheatre

Metallica w/Avenged Sevenfold August 9th @ Century Link Field

Guns n' Roses @ the Gorge September 3rd.

Pain in the Grass June 24 @ White River Amphitheatre

It's Cinco de Mayo so it goes without saying Kimos will be extra special in the deals for the 97 Rock Nation members expected to converge for killer eats, drink treats and a setting that can't be beat.

We looked into booking Metallica Mariachi Music. Metalachi. Alas, they were busy.

These guys weren't, but thanks, we'll pass.


See you Friday night!