Brent Smith from Shinedown talked with about the Attention Attention World Tour experience. Get a sneak peek of what to expect on their Fall tour, and if you don’t have your tickets yet to see them on October 18 at the Toyota Center in Kennewick, GET UP and get them now!


Smith talked about the latest edition of a Shinedown show like this: "Our show has peaks and valleys, you know you can't just punch someone in the face for an hour and 30 minutes. You gotta have dynamics. There's a lot of dynamics in the shows. This is probably the biggest production we've put together as of yet and it's breathtaking."

Shinedown 2019

Shinedown will take you on a visual sonic roller coaster ride, if you let them! Get ready for 97 Rock to lay the Boom Lay Boom down on the push notifications with your downloaded 97 Rock mobile app to score free tickets to the show!

Watch Smith also describe the intensity of bringing it every night opening for Iron Maiden in Europe and the last song on their latest album, called "Brilliant" is inspired by Maiden.

Catch the interview here: