Several influential musicians are from Washington.

Whether you've lived in Washington your whole life or you've just moved here, you're aware of our state's impact on pop culture. Several movies have been filmed here, so have a lot of television shows. Several actors have been born here, raised here, or lived here. When it comes to musical impact, few states outclass Washington.

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The grunge explosion in Seattle changed music forever.

No list about music in Washington would be complete without Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Believe it or not, the grunge scene goes even deeper than that in Seattle. But the music scene in Washington is much more diverse than that and not just limited to Seattle.

48 of the Best Musicians to Have Hailed From Washington State

We all know about the influential grunge scene of Seattle that brought the end of hair metal at the dawn of the 1990s. But did you know even more artists have called Washington home? A lot of these artists come from Seattle but some come from Spokane and even the Tri-Cities.

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

If you thought the music scene in Washington was big, wait until you see how many actors have lived in Washington.

LOOK: 44 Amazing Actors That Have Called Washington State Home

Sure, Washington is known for Amazon, coffee, wine, apples, grunge music, Microsoft, and Boeing. But you may not know how many actors and actresses have come from the Evergreen State. Yeah, our state has had an impact on the television and film industry. We've got A-listers, an Oscar winner, and faces of big franchises.

Check out our list below, I'm sure you'll find some surprises.

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

Some of those actors from Washington have filmed TV shows in Washington, too! Twin Peaks, anyone?

TV Shows Filmed in Washington That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

Not everything has to be filmed in a Hollywood studio in Los Angeles. Plenty of movies have been filmed in Washington, with even more being set in Washington. But did you know that several great TV shows have had shots or entire series filmed in Washington?

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

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