Seattle wrapped up Week 13 with a huge win over New Orleans as the 12th Man reclaimed their Guinness World Record at Century Link! It was also a big week in our Pro Football Pick'em as we had a six way tie for first place. With 13 correct picks this week Donnie Horning once again was a winner, along with John Kerr, Mathew Vowels, Travis Hunt, Tamico Mayovsky, and Travis Haas. They have each won a pair of tickets to an upcoming Tri-City Americans game this season!

Although it came back to bite ya, I like your style Donnie, choosing new Orleans to win Monday night. The two Travis' and Mr. Vowels kept their grasp on the top three spots, a tough week for Derek Sams who split at 8-8 and dropped a few games back allowing Ryan Nelson to move up a spot, and Roy Robles come back into the top five tied with Tim Holloway and Steve Holmes. It's a tight race and still anyone's TV. Just a few more weeks left until we crown the winner. Man, this season flew bye!


1) Travis Hunt - 128
2) Travis Haas - 127
3) Mathew Vowels - 126
4) Ryan Nelson - 122
5t) Roy Robles - 121
5t) Tim Holloway - 121
5t) Steve Holmes - 121

The 97 Rock crew in Week 13: Although it was one of our best all around weeks for the 97 Rock Nation players, AJ managed to have his worst week yet. Scrapping together just two correct picks. Iceman split at 8-8 and I managed double digits with 10 correct picks. That brings my total to 111 correct, AJ has 92, and Iceman gains some ground with a total of 85.

SideNote: I will NEVER choose the SeaHacks to win.

At the end of the season, who ever has the most correct picks will score a 42" television! Plus they will have a chance to win $10,000 if they can correctly predict the score of the big game on February 2. Even if you missed out on Week 1, you can still play each and every week for other great prizes like concert and event tickets, gift cards, and whatever else we can swindle out of the 97 Rock Private Stash.